Combs Coyotes

Versatile Foster Getting In The Swing Of Things At Combs

7 months ago Eric Sorenson 0
They say it’s not what you know but who you know. Well, in the case of Steven Larson it was a combination of both. Earlier in the school year Larson was named the new head golf coach at Combs High School. An initial task was encouraging student-athletes to participate and build the varsity roster. One Read More

Combs’ Tennis Building Program, Establishing Identity

1 year ago Eric Sorenson 0
The sun slowly begins to set as the players patiently wait their turn in line on the tennis courts just north of the Combs High School campus. First-year boys head coach Dr. Dave Nelson sits in a folding chair just a few feet away from the baseline next to a cage filled with balls. He Read More

Strong Will, Skittles Helping Combs’ Star Thrive

1 year ago Eric Sorenson 2
It would have been easy for Isiah Jacobs to succumb to childhood pressure and fall into the trap many pre-teens face when adversity or change happens. Growing up in a single-parent household in Michigan with a mostly absent father, Jacobs’ mother decided young Isiah would be best relocating to the Valley to live with his Read More