Quality practice effort leads to fun Friday nights

1 year ago Jason P. Skoda 0

It’s long been said by just every coach who has every stood in front of a bunch of teenagers – you play the way you practice.

Sharp and efficient in practice then a similar level of execution can be expected on Friday night; conversely slog through a weekday session and Friday night’s result just might not be what a team hoped for as a result.

One 6A team found out the hard way last week and it led to a loss that jumbled up the 6A Coaches Poll.

“We were flat. We watched film (Saturday) and we looked passionless,” one coach said of his defense. “We played like we practiced though. I tried to warn them, but sometimes losing is the way that teenagers learn.”

May it be a lesson for all of those teams out there. Effort, energy and execution for two hours each practice tends to lead to an exciting Friday night. So, bring it in the practice jerseys Monday through Thursday so Friday’s game jersey slides over the shoulder pads with confidence.

Last week’s action led to some movement as Chaparral’s surprise loss to Boulder Creek bounced the Firebirds out of the top 10 and Highland’s loss to Mountain Pointe takes them from No. 2 to No. 7.

Brophy moves into the top 10 for the first time after its sixth straight win, while the rest of the top 10 moved around a bit but have been in the coaches poll all year.

This week’s action has two game featuring two ranked teams as the Tukee Bowl features No. 8 Desert Vista and No. 5 Mountain Pointe, while No. 10 Brophy travels to No. 1 Chandler.

A couple of games of intrigue include No. 9 Basha hosting Hamilton and locally No. 4 Queen Creek travels to Desert Ridge.

6A Coaches Poll (12 coaches participating)

Team  (record)                    LW            Points (1st place votes)

  1. Chandler (5-1)                  1                           118 (10)
  2. Pinnacle (5-1)                   3                           110 (2)
  3. Perry (5-2)                        4                             89
  4. Queen Creek (6-1)           5                             73
  5. Mountain Pointe (3-3)      8                              70
  6. Liberty (5-0)                     6                              55
  7. Highland (6-1)                  2                             40
  8. Desert Vista (5-1)             9                             43
  9. Basha (5-1)                     10                            23
  10. Brophy (6-1)                     —                           11

Dropped out: Chaparral (7th)

Others receiving votes: Red Mountain 8, Chaparral 6, Cesar Chavez 2.