Late TD Secures Combs’ First Win of the Season

7 months ago Caela Fox 0

The Combs football team earned its first win of the season by defeating the Vista Grande Spartans, 20 – 19, in a down-to-the-wire game at Vista Grande High School last Friday night.

The Coyotes came into the game losing their first four games of the season by 20 or more points. Even though the win against the Spartans was by the skin of their teeth, it was a very positive and uplifting moment that they hope to carry through the rest of the season.

“The energy, that hype, it will just keep us going in the next game,” said senior running back Cody White after the game.

Combs RB Cody White scores one of his tow touchdowns at Vista Grande last Friday night. (Caela Fox).

The first half of the game was completely dominated by the Coyotes, beginning with a four-yard touchdown by White and a 66-yard touchdown by senior running back Jordan Lee, allowing the Coyotes to hold a 14 – 6 lead at halftime.

It was nice to see the older players show what they can do and lead by example for the younger guys, especially since the Coyotes have been batting injuries throughout the first half of the season.

“We were hit by the injury bug more than anything, we have more JV players on the varsity team, so to be able to pull those guys together to fight to the very end and pull out a very close win, knowing we haven’t won a game yet, shows the true character of the boys,” said Coyotes head coach Travis Miller.

The Spartans came out and dominated in the third quarter, scoring two touchdowns but missing both extra points, which gave the Spartans 19 – 14 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Combs junior quarterback Wayne Buck ran in a one-yard touchdown, completing the Yotes’ come-from-behind 20 – 19 victory and securing the Coyotes’ first win of the season.

Throughout the entire game, especially in the fourth quarter, the Coyotes defense did a great job a holding back the Spartans.

The Coyotes should be proud of the way they played and fought through to get their first win.

“When things got tough for us, we stayed in the fight,” Miller said.


Missed extra points: Throughout the game there was a total of three missed extra points. Two of them were by the Spartans and one by the Coyotes. This was a big advantage for the Coyotes because if the Spartans had made all their extra points they could have won the game, 21 – 20. The Spartans attempted a two-point conversion to try to tie up the game in the third quarter, but they couldn’t get it done.

Impressive running: The Coyotes outgained the Spartans, 378 to 247 total yards, which included the Coyotes’ 355 rushing yards and three TD’s. The Spartans did also have three touchdowns, but they were all receiving. The Spartans rushed for negative (-2) yardage throughout the game.

Taking advantage of Spartan’s mistakes: The Spartans had quite a few penalties throughout the game, however, a good chunk of them came later in the game when they were already down. One was even on the Spartans’ final drive of the game, when they ended up turning it over on downs. The Coyotes’ defense forced the Spartans to fumble twice and recovered one of them.

Trey Buck (5) runs for game-winning touchdown. (Caela Fox).


No. 3 – Trey Buck. One rushing touchdown, 21 total running yards, and 23 passing yards on 2-of-2 passing.

No. 2 – Jordan Lee. One rushing touchdown on seven carries for 109 yards rushing.

No. 1 – Cody White. One rushing touchdown on 22 carries for 175 yards rushing.


“We got down in the third quarter but credit Vista Grande. Their coaches do a really good job with their kids, and they came out when they were down and took a lead. It was nice to see our boys fight through that adversity and come out on top.” – Miller on his team’s perseverance. 


The Coyotes will head back home this Friday to host Dysart. The Demons are 0 – 5 so far this season. The Coyotes will have the opportunity to win two-straight as they kick off the second half of their season. It will homecoming as well. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

“We take every opponent serious,” Miller said. “We know that Dysart is a really good team. It has talented players and a really good coach, so it is just a matter of doing what we’ve done all season long.”