Charger Power: Balanced Wilcox Thriving at Ben Franklin

2 years ago Eric Sorenson 0

Down time and Minni Wilcox mix like oil and water.

Such is the case for the Benjamin Franklin High School three-sport student-athlete (volleyball, basketball, softball) with a 3.68 grade-point-average.

Did we mention she’s also the Chargers’ student body president?

Wilcox finds balance, help and encouragement juggling her hectic schedule from those closest to her.

“Most of it is that my family is so supportive of me,” Wilcox recently said to “They’re willing to change their schedules. They’re super supportive of me.”

The rigors of a loaded athletic and academic calendar can, at times, take its toll but Wilcox frequently prioritizes what allows her body and mind to stay sharp during the year.

“I make sure I take care of myself,” she explained. “Focus on getting enough sleep so I can stay fresh.”

Wilcox’s success on the court or field has come through practice and hard work.

“The funny thing about Minni is,” Ben Franklin Athletic Director Jeremy Strong said with a grin to “I think if you would have watched her play her freshman or sophomore year, compared her junior or senior year, you’d never say she’s [a natural athlete].”

She is a natural communicator and uses said skill set when working with her teammates, as well as her fellow-student body members.

“Being calm is important,” Wilcox said. “Being able to communicate with people, even when I’m [flustered]. I feel like that’s helped me a lot dealing with people in stressful situations.”

Her future plans beyond high school include studying film and graphic design in college. She has interest in attending ASU, NAU, BYU or possibly Creighton following her graduation next spring.

The past and present have proven, whatever Wilcox sets her mind to, she’s usually finds success.

“She’s a poster child of what we want a lot of our students to do,” Strong said. “She’s so positive. She has a great attitude about everything that she does. She’s extremely coachable. She works really hard.”

The total package on campus and in Charger athletics.