An 11th game All That Matters to Benjamin Franklin as Spring Ends

2 years ago Andrew Luberda 0

I’m going on record right now to say the Chargers are my pick to win the 3A State Championship.- The County Line (Apr. 26, 2018)

Not everybody was thrilled with my 2018 3A football title prediction, least of whom might have been Chargers head coach Dave Jefferies.

“Thanks a lot for the bold prediction ,” Jefferies wrote in a text to shortly after the story was published.

Sorry, Coach.

I’m just calling it like I see it.

The Chargers most certainly are state title contenders, but they must achieve Jefferies’ other goal first.

“Our goal is to earn an 11th game,” Jefferies told following the Chargers final spring practice last month.

The players know they have a team capable of doing something special, but they’re following their coach’s lead.

“Some kids on the team, they’re obviously (looking toward) a state championship, but you (have) to side with Coach Jefferies – just focus on one game at a time,” senior-to-be Jordan Kemp said. “Our goal since the beginning has been getting the 11th game and we finally got it last year.

“To keep us where we’re going, we’re just going to focus on that again – get that 11th game and we’ll see where we go from there.”



The Chargers were efficient, organized, and disciplined during spring practice, picking up where they left off last season, one that Jefferies called “a real special year” and his “most fun year coaching football.”

With summer and fall camps still upcoming, Jefferies thought about spring practice from a player’s point-of-view, not a coach’s.

“If I was a player right now I’d want to be having fun,” he said. “Especially in the spring, when there is still quite a ways to go.

“We definitely (have) work to do, but we’re having fun along the way, and I think that’s important.”

Again, the Chargers’ players have faith in what their coach is preaching.

“Spring isn’t meant to be tough practices,” said 2020 middle linebacker Cade Mcafee. “It’s meant to be fun, and we’re just getting to know each other. It’s went pretty well.”

No doubt the Chargers had fun last month, but the real fun figures to come later this fall, sometime around Thanksgiving.